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  1. Trying to digitize old VHS family records using PC with USB Video DVR and honestech HD DVR 2.5 software.

    The original records were made with a SONY camcorder on 8 mm videocassetes and then copied onto standard full-size VHS cassetes.
    These VHS cassetes show decent quality on a LCD TV, yet honestech HD DVR 2.5 on the computer shows it badly (see ).
    Tracking does not help. Neither help different honestech HD DVR 2.5 options (brightness, contract, saturation etc).

    I thought that Video DVR & honestech HD DVR 2.5 do not do the job properly. Yet another videotape, which was a copy of a feature film, made on the same VCR shows equally well on TV and on the computer (see ).
    Could it be that this feature film copy was made using a different format which is compatible with Video DVR and honestech HD DVR 2.5 ?
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    Never use the software that comes with the capture device, There is a lot of free software that can do better such as VirtualDub.
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