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  1. Hi,

    I have been trying to use the multi region hack that has been posted for the Sony SR760H dvd player using the all 4 one 7740 remote. Has anyone had any positive results in using this hack?

    Is the welcome screen the blue screen with DVD Player in the middle? Also it says to wait for no disc to show on the dvd player at the end but my dvd player says insert disc. Is this the same thing?

    Really need help with this as I've tried so many times and don't understand why this won't work.

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    There is no way anyone in charge here can verify if any of these hacks actually work.....especially with a Sony.
    Either the hacks came from a part of the world in a different "Region".....of someone went to great lengths to get their jollies posting it as a practical joke.
    Sony machines are notoriously hack UN-friendly.
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