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    I'm looking into the possibilities of organizing a 60 minutes event at our school with a live video streaming over the LAN.

    We're thinking in the direction of:
    - An actioncam with wifi streaming capabilities
    - Plain TV quality 640x480, 24 bit, 25 fps plus audio
    - A simple HTML5/CSS website with an embedded video object to view the live stream at 100-150 stations

    The following questions come to mind:
    - Are there any recommendations as to the brand/model of the Actioncam?
    - Does Actioncam battery life allow 60 minutes continuous video streaming via wifi?
    - Do we need something like a mediastreamer application running on the server or can all web clients just pick up the stream from that one camera?
    - What should we expect in terms of network load if 100-150 clients are watching the stream?

    Your suggestions will be much appreciated.
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