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    Title says it all. I'm looking for a DVD conversion tool that strikes a perfect balance between quality, speed, and ease-of-use. Paid and free software are both welcome. Thanks!
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  2. Originally Posted by djdelarosa25 View Post
    Title says it all.
    It says nothing. Authoring is the process of taking already DVD-compliant assets (audio, video, subs, if any, chapters/cells) and turning them into a DVD playable in any DVD player. What you're asking about is a conversion program. And the answer is AvsToDVD.
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    yep... avstodvd is what most of us use

    or you can go the DVDAuthorGui route

    more manual steps, more work, a little more control

    im happy to use avstodvd
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  4. If I were starting from scratch with paid software I would go with TMPGenc Authoring works -- but I already own Encore for complex jobs and swear by AvstoDVD for the basic ones. (Great encoder)
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