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  1. Hello.
    I done project in Sony Vegas 13.0.
    Time to render this. I use x264vfw with these settings:

    And after render I got video file, but one part of video done as simple black screen. What's wrong?

    These part (yellow hint):

    If I select only some part of project for render, but with "problematic part", like that:

    Then I got correct video file, I mean video of this part are correct.
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  2. Today I try to render with default "MainConcept AVC/AAC" codec same problem. Even worse, because I got elongate black screen.
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  3. Try enabling the VirtualDub hack. The AVI container wasn't meant to be used with out-of-order codecs. The VirtualDub hack is a way around that.

    If that doesn't work try disabling b-frames completely.
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  4. Ok, I enable VirtualDub hack and add "--bframes 0" to "Extra command line" area. Do not help. Same black screen on same place.
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  5. My bad (wrong settings apply). Looks like it's works! Thank you very much, jagabo.
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