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  1. Anybody can help me about how to remove grains from video, and make clean frames ?
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  2. With a denoiser. AviSynth, Virtual Dub, and many NLEs have them available in varying degrees of quality.
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  3. Please give me more details about 'Denoiser'.
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  4. I don't know. The word 'denoiser' is pretty self-explanatory. They remove noise, film grain, sometimes small amounts of dirt and other crud in your film. I use AviSynth and here's a page on some (only some) of the denoisers available if you use AviSynth:

    Maybe if you provided a short ten-seconds from your source (DVD?) you will receive more informed advice on how to treat it.

    And if you do a Google search on 'denoiser' you'll find much more information about them, for both audio and video.
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    manono also mentioned VirtualDub, and that might be a good place to start. A bit simpler to use, though not as efficient as AVISynth.

    Some VD filters here:
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