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  1. For the past week ive been trying to fix my video gameplay that has been captured by shadowplay since all the videos (around 200 files = 2TB) is missed up when I add them to Adobe Prmiere Pro because nvidia refuse to use constant frame rate but instead they wont use Constant frame rate
    So heres I will tell you how to change mp4 Variable Frame Rate VBR to Constant Frame Rate CFR without re-encoding in a very simple way without even loosing quality
    I tested it on my videos that has been captured by Shadowplay so dont blame me if it doesnt work for you

    Just to be sure I have GTX 980 Ti and the settings I used in shadowplay 60FPs to 130Kbs

    First you need Avidemux you can get it here

    Second 15 Min of your time

    1- Install Avidemux on you computer Windows or Mac (Mine is Windows 10 x64)
    2- Add the video you want in Avidemux

    3- On the left side Video Output (Copy) - Audio Output (Copy) - Output Format (Mpeg TS Muxer (ff))

    4- In Output Format (Mpeg TS Muxer (ff)) click Configure and untick VBR Muxing and change the Mux rate (MBits/s) = 60

    5- All the other settings is by default I didnt change any other thing
    6- Click save it will be saved as .ts file

    7- Wait till it finish it might take time depends on your video
    8- Add the video on your Adobe Premiere project and see
    9- If its works share this post so every one whos suffering like me can use this guide

    Heres a test of one of the videos

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  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH PAL! I've been trying to find a solution that doesn't take 3 times the length of every video to move from VBR to CBR. Your solution worked perfectly, you saved my life of editing shadowplay videos!
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