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  1. Hey guys,

    I have recently obtained a DataVideo MP6000, which I am planning to use as a TBC for converting old VHS tapes.
    I currently use a JVC HR-S7860 to play my old vhs tapes, so when I integrate the TBC into my setup, should I turn OFF the TBC and other video correction settings that are on at the moment on the JVC?

    I admit I'm relatively new to VHS restoration, I purchased the Datavideo at a very low price. From research I know they are professional level pieces of equipment. Could anyone provide any information exactly on how good it actually is? (I dont really have a gauge :S)

    Heres the Spec:
    IEEE1394 Fire Wire DV25 In & Out (NTSC 4:1:1 - PAL 4:2:0: - DV25 Format)
    S-Video( Y/C) (DIN 4-Pin, 75ohm), Y:1.0Vp-p, C:0.627Mvp-p
    Composite Video: 75ohm 1.0 Vp-p
    Component Y:U:V
    Black-Burst/Gen-lock out
    Bandwidth: 5.0MHz
    Noise ratio: 50 dB
    4:2:2 Time Base Corrector
    Digital and Analogue
    Video Correction
    Brightness :+/-30%
    Contrast :+3/-6 dB
    Saturation:+6/-10 dB
    Hue :+/-20 (NTSC Only)
    Audio In & Out
    Balanced (XLR)
    Un-Balanced (RCA)
    DV Sampling : 12-Bit 32KHz or 16Bit 48KHz
    Bandwidth : 20-20KHz
    S/N Noise ratio : 65 dB
    Distortion rate : 0.1%
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