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  1. i have 2 videos
    both are of format mp4
    but screen resolution is different

    i want to add one clip before video

    i tried software but they are taking tooo much time and also increasing video size

    i mean the clip i want to add is of size ~ 1-2 MB the video size is 36 mb
    and after merging video clip before video the output file size is ~ 70MB

    please help me

    i have to add same video clip before 180 videos

    please suggest me some software or methods for doing it
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  2. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    You usually can't join two videos with different screen resolutions without re-encoding one of them.
    If your software did re-encode, that would explain the difference in the 'joined' size and the time used for the operation.

    What software did you use to join/merge the clips?

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Lower the bitrate or increase the "constant quality value" to get smaller output file size. Or in some software it's the video quality setting that you should lower.

    But yes, it would help if you told us what software you are using...
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