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  1. Today I can make that I will see video and hear audio as preview and I can save in real time the audio to a wave file.
    My problem is I can't figure out two things:

    1. How to save the video to a avi/mp4 file so I will have two files one of video and one of audio.(I have audio wave file but I want another file for video) ?

    2. How to save both video and audio in real time to one mp4 file ? (without or with compress) ?

    This is a screenshot of my graph as it is now. And the steps i'm doing.
    First I connected the audio part first the AVI mux to the file the wav file then the teefilter to the directsound.
    Then connected the video part.

    The result I see the video I hear the audio and it's saving in real time the audio to the wav file.
    But I can't figure out how to work and save the video to a file.

    This is a link to the screenshot of my graph just bigger to see it better:

    If someone could show me please how my graph should look like with also saving the video file and also both audio and video to one file ?

    Thank you.

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    Have you tried add the avi muxer and a file writer?

    I'm not sure how to write to a mp4 though. Some mp4 muxer filter.
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