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  1. I found a script (using mkvpropedit) to rename titles to the filename, but I need to do the opposite and rename the files to the tiles.

    Is there a script or free program that can do this?
    (I have basic .bat scripting ability, but not a lot.)

    For example
    Original filename: ShowS01E01.mkv
    Title: Show 01 The Beginning

    Output filename: Show 01 The Beginning.mkv
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  2. That looks like a standard bulk renaming program, I can't see any option to pull the title from the file to use in the name.

    If I'm missing something please let me know.
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  3. Would you believe foobar2000?

    When you open an MKV with foobar2000 it displays the "file segment title" as Album. That mightn't seem to make sense at first but given MKVs can contain chapters, the "file segment title" being the Album while the chapters have individual titles is probably logical. That aside, you'd right click an MKV in the playlist, select the File Operations menu and then "Rename To". When the File Operations Window opens, you'd add %album% to the "file name pattern" area and you'll see a preview of the operation. If it looks good, click Run. You can of course highlight multiple files and batch rename.

    foobar2000's playlist containing a single MKV at the top, the playlist mostly covered by the File Operations menu below.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	file operations.gif
Views:	496
Size:	18.4 KB
ID:	36571

    Some other info.
    - Foobar2000 doesn't seem to read the file segment title for MKA, only MKV. I'm not sure why.

    - The MKV must contain audio for foobar2000 to display the title (it is an audio player, after-all), so it may not display it for MKVs where the audio is of a type it doesn't understand. If that turns out to be the case, here's the AC3 decoder and here's the DTS decoder. It'll decode everything else.

    - If an MKV contains chapters, the MKV will open in a playlist displaying each chapter as an individual file. You can still highlight them all and batch rename the same way. If they all have the same Album title and you use %album% for renaming, foobar2000 seems to know it only needs to rename each file once. If you were to use %title% for the file renaming and there were three chapters, you probably end up with a single file named something like "chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3.mkv".
    There might be some syntax to make the rename function more clever in respect to whether it automatically uses Album or Title for renaming etc. I haven't investigated that yet.
    Foobar2000:Title Formatting Reference

    - If an MKV contains Global tags it adds another level of funkiness I'm still trying to understand fully, but the upshot of it is when there's a global tag present foobar2000 won't read the file segment title, it reads the global tag instead. I haven't workout out how get it to display both (if it can) but if the global tags are correct you can use them for renaming the same way. If a global tag doesn't contain an Album field, the Album column in foobar2000's playlist should contain a question mark. If there's any MKVs with global tags but no Album field, try using %title% instead of %album% for the file renaming function for those MKVs.

    - The other probable combination is MKVs with chapters and global tags. The global tags can be used to give each chapter a unique title independent of the names in the chapters file. Best as I've been able to tell so far though it'll work the same way. If a global tag is present, foobar2000 won't read the file segment title, if the global tag contains an album name, using %album% will let you automatically rename files that way, if you use %title% for renaming, be careful renaming files with multiple chapters.

    Anyway, they're some of the potential obstacles, but if your MKVs have no global tags, using %album% to rename files should hopefully be all you need.
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  4. Thanks to sheppaul & hello_hello.

    Advancedrenamer worked great and I may end up replacing my bulkrenamer with it.

    I appreciate the thorough instructions on using foobar.
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  5. That's okay. It was as much for my benefit too. I've not really used foobar2000 for tagging MKVs before so I was learning how that works as I went. It seems MKV tagging can get pretty complex.
    I'm going to check out Advanced Renamer myself. It looks pretty interesting.
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    I use the filename to tag and tag to filename features in MP3Tag.
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