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  1. I am not a Vegas user. So maybe this is old news. But apparently there will be no Vegas 14. Something about the concept of an NLE being outdated? If that is the case then what is Catalyst Edit? I find this development curious with the rise of Resolve.
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  2. I don't think your assumption is correct. Lots of info on the Vegas forums about something brewing. Most pros do not like Catalyst to do editing but still sticking to Vegas.

    You can read through the following thread and come to your own conclusion:
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    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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  3. I assume nothing q.v. apparently. This thread is prob more germane and likely contains everything that needs to be said in a forum about Vegas EOL if you have the stamina to wade through it in its entirety.

    My question is more: what does "technical concept outdated" mean?
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