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  1. I just encoded a 5.923 second avi with AviUtl (5.923 seconds according to MediaInfo) but MPC-HC is telling me the clip is 26 seconds long. When I play it, down at the bottom right hand corner, beside the speakers symbol, it says 00:00/00:26, and when the scroll bar starts moving underneath the video, it's moving at a speed that would imply it would take 26 seconds to reach the end, but it stops after 5.923 seconds and goes back to the beginning (I have MPC-HC set on loop) because the clip is in fact only 5.923 seconds. So why is MPC-HC telling me it's 26 seconds? It says that under Properties as well.
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  2. Is the audio stream longer than the video?
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  3. Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
    Is the audio stream longer than the video?
    Not according to MediaInfo. Both streams are the same, 5.923 seconds.

    EDIT: I've fixed the problem. It had to do with AviUtl. I clicked on File, SETTINGS, Import Plugin Priority, and moved L-SMASH Works File Reader to the top. That's taken care of the issue, whatever it was. I encoded the clip again and MPC-HC now says it's 6 seconds.
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