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  1. So I'm trying to track down a BluRay copy of this movie so I can rip an HD copy. However the only good source I can find is Amazon, and instead of a BluRay disc they're called "Multi-Format". From what I can gather that means it's a DVD and BluRay?

    A) Is that an accurate description of mult-format

    B) When I go to rip the disc are they're any caveats, will I see the HD stream in MakeMKV?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. Interesting question. I read several comments by users and a few forum threads where even people who'd bought "multi-format" versions couldn't agree what it means.

    I think at worst it'll be just incorrectly categorised Bluray, but it's likely to be Bluray+something else. Bluray+DVD or Bluray+Digital Copy. I guess if it's old it could mean a flipper disc, but I don't think anyone makes them any more.

    Some listings make it pretty obvious it's a combo pack
    But there's listings like this one where I couldn't work out what's multi-format about the multi-format version. The "Bluray" version is an official boxset, while the "multi-format" version seems to be a Bluray bundle Amazon put together and they're calling it multi-format so the Bluray button can be used for the box set.

    Anyway..... I think you're pretty safe to assume Multi-Format = Bluray or Bluray+something else.
    DVD+Digital Copy appears to be listed as DVD rather than multi-format, and any Multi-Format button transforms the DVD into Bluray.
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  3. @hello_hello

    Thanks for the feedback, that helps alleviate some of my concern. My initial thought was "multi-format" was some horrible hybrid format or that it was a scaled up image.
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