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    Sometimes , a live soccer game is not on the TV channels I subscribe to but available as a stream . How do I mirror what's on my computer screen to my TV ? Unfortunately my desktop is located 2 rooms away from the TV. I have a RF as well as wired ethernet to the TV via Linksys router. My AIO HP desktop does not have HDMI output so a long HDMI cable is out of the question. . I can use a laptop with HDMI cable but I have used all the TV's HDMI inputs so its troublesome disconnecting and connecting HDMI cable from back of TV (poor access ) . I can use HDMI switch to have more inputs but thats another device . I have also considered Miracast with Microsoft dongle but I don't think it has the range . ( 23 ft max) . Are there any cost effective solution using my desktop computer rather than laptop? Tks

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    Please do not post the same question in new threads,continue in this thread.

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