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    I've seen some DVB-S2 & T2 PCI-E cards out there, but are there any that have 4 DVB-S2 tuners, as well as at least 1 T2 tuner?

    I'm building a mini-ITX system which only has a single PCI-E slot, hence the need for it all to be on a single card.

    Given that the majority of recording i'd likely to be doing is over satellite (with the odd Terrestrial recording on channels only available on there), that's why I'd want more S2 tuners than T2.
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    I cannot give you a recommendation for a quad DVB-S2 tuner DVB-T2 tuner combo card, but maybe you could use an internal quad DVB-S2 tuner and an external DVB-T2 tuner.

    The HDHomeRun CONNECT HDHR4-2DT(UK) might be an external option for DVB-T2. It has 2 DVBT/T2 tuners and plugs into your router, or directly into the PC's Ethernet port. If plugged into your router, the PC must be connected to a wired home network to access the device.

    I have been using one of SiliconDust's US model networked tuner devices for a little over a year. SiliconDust's devices work with Windows 7's or Windows 8.1's Media Center and NextPVR. As I recall Kodi can use NextPVR as a PVR back end. SiliconDust is currently working on its own Kodi plug-ins.
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