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  1. Out of nowhere I'm getting an incredibly dark image on Potplayer. As far as I'm concerned I didn't make any changes and this occurs with any file. I switched on over to MPC-HC, put on LAV filters with madvr just like I have with Pot and it looks perfectly fine. I don't really know what settings to tinker with so I was hoping someone here might know better or understand what's happened.

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    I would try change video renderer in PotPlayer and see if it makes any difference. Under Video->Video renderer.
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  3. Open preferences -> initialize
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  4. Thanks, a different renderer resolves it but isn't madvr best for quality? I'd prefer to use it if possible. Also it seems madvr is the culprit as it completely crashes Potplayer when it's selected. Yet MPC-HC runs fine with it..

    What the heck is going on!?
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  5. Check the video settings in your GPU driver. Maybe you accidentally changed the brightness/contrast. Also reset the madVR settings. There's a "restore default settings.bat" in the madVR folder.
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