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    Iím a complete noob. I have compiled a video comprising several small video clips.

    When I try cut one of the source videos further, the overall compiled video length doesnít change. The source vid is cut, but fills the cut time with either a blank screen or it holds the last image. I just want to cut one of the source vids length down, and have the entire video length change down automatically.

    Thanks in advance
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    Why do you cross post? I removed your other thread.

    Nope. I do not use VSDC.
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  3. Hi!

    Look the way I do cutting out: I insert several videos >> I click the one I want to cut >> then I choose the area I need to cut out >> click "Cut out fragment". As a result I see that the needed fragment became shorter, so I place it in the timeline between other fragments the way that no space is left >> I have a seamless output video.
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