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  1. Hi guys,

    It would be much appreciated if someone could let me know how to capture the multiple webinar videos from this website: xxxz

    I've tried using many different softwares and plug-in but to no avail.

    Thank you very much!
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    youtube-dl ""


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  3. Many thanks ponens... I got the video file.

    By the way, does anyone know how to delete this thread?
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  4. Originally Posted by rogue2020 View Post
    there is this ... site which uses JWplayer to stream the video which I am not able to ... capture the video.

    the website URL is:
    View the source of the webpage.
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  5. Hi ponens,

    Could you please show me how to download videos from this other site as well?
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  6. Hi ponens,

    Could you please help show me how to download videos from this site as well?

    Thank you very much!
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  7. Hi rogue2020 ,

    in firefox
    Httpfox => start
    Launch your link in FF , after having began select playing your video ,
    in this example it is the Nr 1 .
    after having began, go out

    Httpfox => stop

    look in column 'Type' , go down to 'video/mp4'
    on the right (URL) , do copy ( see below )
    Cheers .
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  8. Hi aazerty

    Using httpfox to take a look at the video stream video/mp4, but I don't see the website link which you have shown as example, I do see a few of segemented video URL (under the video/mp4) from:

    Where did I go wrong? How can I locate the URL which you have shown? So I can download the rest of the webinar video streams.

    Looking forward to hear more

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  9. Hi rogue2020 ,

    See below :

    Cheers .
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    I got a question.
    I got the url from a website using url helper but it has added stuff in it. How do I get it to work in vlc as a m3u8 file? I know how to make a iptv file I am just having problems with this url.
    The video came off link 4 of this site

    rtmp:// UuMjkuMjM4fDU3MDljMzFhZTI5ZDl8ODg5MWFlMjE2MTM1MGI5 YTg4YzM2NTAxMjNlZGU0YjA5NTQ2YmVjNw..<playpath>7pct mre0zfwsc24 <swfUrl> <pageUrl>
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