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    Hi Everyone,

    I have had the Seiki se42ugt for 2 weeks now. I got it for a steal and it's a really good monitor for the price. I've noticed that when I play netflix from a browser on my pc that the seiki displays it kind of grainy, less vivid it seems. If I switch over and use the built in netflix on the tv, even 1080p looks fantastic.

    What gives? I have a r290 4GB with a club3d displayport to hdmi 2.0 adapter. I have ensured that my signal being output is 4k at 60hz from the adapter.

    I expected netflix via pc would look great on this tv, but not sure what's happening here. I mean it's certainly watchable but you do see a nice pop in image quality if using the native tv's netflix app.

    Any ideas? I have tried in chrome and firefox.

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    Isn't Netflix on browser still limited to 720p? There are key combos to see debugging info, if you google them.

    Also, most content is limited to SD on PC, due to content provider piracy fears.
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  3. It does look like Netflix in a browser is limited to 720p. Use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D while playing a video to get Netflix statistics. But...

    Computer monitors normally receive a perfect Desktop image from the graphics card. Any processing in the monitor will degrade that image. TV's on the other hand normally deal with video. They will pump up the contrast, saturation, sharpness, and noise reduction because manufacturers know people like that. If you disable all those features in your TV the picture will look much like the picture on your computer.

    I don't think Netflix's player uses the graphics card's video proc amp. But if you want, you can probably use the Desktop proc amp settings to make Netflix look more like your TV. Of course, your Desktop will be screwed up.
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