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  1. These are the 2 images I found on a website, they revealed their encoding method with providing some settings I guess.

    [ 24Fps + 60Fps + 24Fps VFR / Sharpness Up ], [ 60Fps = QTGMC Processing ]

    What does it mean? Can I achieve it by using MeGUI? If I can, how?

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  2. Yes, it can be done with MeGUI, since MeGUI uses AviSynth. You add both QTGMC and some sharpener to the script.
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    Please add "Anime" to the title of your thread. For real world footage, I would have said it is impossible because blurred details are destroyed and can't be recovered (this is not CSI Wannabe). But cartoons, well ... you will be happy with thin sharp lines and smooth areas in between, no matter if they are exactly like the original.

    There are certainly already quite elaborate threads containing "Anime" as search term, offering complex filter sequences using e.g. LimitedSharpenFaster and some Line Darkening filter, and some "Edge Directed Interpolation" (e.g. the nnedi3_rpow2 scaler in NNEDI3) will probably be useful to enlarge the video with sharp lines before resizing it to the desired final format.
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