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  1. Is it possible to adjust volume level (gain) of MP3s WITHOUT loss of quality?

    As far as I remember I read in the past that this is not possible.
    Do I confuse something?
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  2. You can increase about .5 or 1.0(MAYBE....) in audio and wouldn't notice it much, but anything beyond that, you can notice the loss
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  3. MP3 and AAC can both have their volumes adjusted losslessly, in 1.5dB increments.

    Mp3DirectCut can edit and change the volume of MP3s, even applying fad-ins and fade-outs without re-encoding. It can also edit raw AAC streams.

    Or there's MP3Gain. It'll scan with ReplayGain and adjust the level accordingly, and there's a right click option for manually adjusting the volume. It can do the same for AAC in an M4A or MP4 container.

    Foobar2000 can scan with ReplayGain and adjust losslessly as MP3Gain does.
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