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  1. Does anyone know if MPC-HC can be made to run BD menu's yet?

    I've found a few very old comments via yahoo that it doesn't but
    can't find any recent. It seems like this should be working now.

    I'm trying to create a simple BD disc with multiAVCHD and am
    just looking to test the output before burning it but things
    don't seem at all right with the output.
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    No, MPC-HC doesn't work with Blu-ray menus.

    If you need a free program to test Blu-ray menus, there are none that are foolproof. VLC can be set up to do some menus, though I don't know the exact steps. You'd have to do your own research there. The Leawo player can handle quite a few BD menus, but it will fail on some.

    Your best bet would be PowerDVD or WinDVD, but they are not free. A new version of PowerDVD is due in the middle of next month.
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    With mpc-hc load up the blu-ray folder and choose navigate/blu-ray playlists click on the mpls you want to test,it won't give you a menu but you can test it this way to see if the videos play ok.
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  4. Thanks to both.

    It's the menu's I need to test to see what can and can't play and to check the controls.
    Right now all I get from MPC is a single file looping no matter how I set up multiAVHCD

    I'm happy to buy software if there is something well written. So far I've not seen a single
    package I'd waste my money on.

    Does anyone know the full requirements to create a simple BD track menu setup on disc?
    Maybe I'd be better off just writing my own? At least then I'd have a fair idea that things
    will work.
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