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  1. I've got a rip of "The Fault in our stars" Blu-ray (BD-50 to BD-50 - 46126 MBytes) done with AnyDVD HD. It was done by creating an ISO of the disk using Slysoft (RedFox) tool and then burning it using BurnAware Free.

    The disk starts playing correctly, although it's a bit slow and stuttering during startup, but when the main movie starts, all goes flawlessly.

    However, playback suddenly freezes at 21m40s, always at the same point. Skipping chapters and going faster through the disk doesn't work.

    What did I do wrong?

    Maybe it's some sort of copy protection? The same happens with a backup of Lone Survivor although at a different point.
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  2. UPDATE: I've plugged my Blu Ray burner to the laptop and started VLC, here's the log. At the freezing point, it keeps telling this error, thousands of times:

    libbluray warning: event 2: param 1

    what does it mean? I've found nothing by googling
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