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    I hate to ask these semi-newbie questions, but after doing some research, things are not clear to me.

    I have held off getting a burner for this reason, especially after reading reviews over at Amazon where 20% plus of them are negative no matter what brand (same for NewEgg). Drives going back after a short period of time, not getting recognized etc. I realize some are defective and some are user error, but surely not all of them.

    1. What exactly does Cinavia (other than loss of audio after 20") and these three different 'keys' do other than preventing coping BluRay discs?
    2. How is the player affected and is it only when playing that disc?
    3. How is a 'burner' affected and is that only affected when accessing that disc?

    Specifically, is there long term after-effects to your equipment when the drives or players become disabled?

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    Why are ones and zeros so complicated? Linear Video Editing was easier. Downloading & streaming are two different things.

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