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    I have been trying to download this stream using livestreamer ( nothing else like replay media catcher, tubedigger etc works) but seems it is encrypted and im getting client 403 forbidden error. And there is no option of downloading in 720p though I can play the video in browser in 720p (2064 k bitrate) but livestreamer shows best as 404p (1360k)
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    I can't see any video?
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  3. They changed the link after the live stream ended but here is the one

    I can playback in browser at 2064k(720p) bitrate but livestreamer shows only 404p as highest available quality in HLS while in case of HDS it detects the HD quality but then shows error 'unknown tag type, stream may be encrypted'

    this is the format Im using for hds

    livestreamer "hds:// 16_1@398477/manifest.f4m?hdnea=st=1458609079~exp=1458609679~ac l=/*~hmac=f3b5b7d239537e4649dab2a6cfa9269eebb23f90e88 ee8d2ab50a52e01f51ac8&hdcore=2.11.3&g=ZRGVCJTUYLCV pvswf=" best -o 01.flv
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