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  1. Hello!

    I have a .txt file which contains a list of youtube links one under another.
    1. What do I have to do to get the videos using this list? Also to be able to download in medium quality.
    2. Or if it's possible to download the mp3 version of each link.

    Thank you!
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    Many options:

    Copy and paste the links into a downloader like jdownloader (get the clean ad free version posted in the jdownloader forums).


    Use a web service like KeepVid and copy and paste each link.


    Use youtube-dl and write a batch script.

    All of these choices let you choose the quality.
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    This assumes that you have the youtube-dl installed on your computer.

    1. create your batchlist.txt file: # 1:22 Pizza in Naples, Italy - spinning around the world # 2:26 How To Hand Toss Pizza Dough # 3:27 Tony's Pizza - Napoletana Pizza - San Francisco # 1:22 pizza in naples, italy - spinning around the world # 2:08 Naples, Italy: The Birthplace of Pizza # 2:59 Best Pizza in Naples Italy # 2:33 World's Original PIzza Restauarant in Naples, Italy # 2:34 Pizzeria Starita, Naples, Italy - Making Authentic Pizza # 2:53 Pizza at LatanaDellarte Pizzeria, Napoli, Italy
    2. enter the YT script (below) when ready to D/L videos
    example usage: 
    youtube-dl -c --title -f best --batch-file batchlist.txt 
    -f best       -- this will give you the 'best' format of the video.
    #             -- is a comment. it, along with any text after it, is igored. i like to comment things, and add duration, etc. 
    optional commands: 
    -c    -- Force resume of partially downloaded files.
    -t or --title -- i like to include the title and description (and sometimes subs) during the YT download.
    --write-description -- for description of video.
    --write-thumbnail   -- for the thumbnails images. 
    --write-sub   -- download the subtitle during the YT download. 
    debugging commands: 
    --simulate    -- add this, if you want to test your script w/out actually downloading anything.
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  4. Vidd and vhelp, thank you so much!!!!
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