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  1. Anon45
    How do I denoise, deinterlace, and crop my video, all in the same app? I have 33 large DV-AVI (DVCPro) files that I need to edit ASAP. Thanks!

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    You can use Virtualdub for lossless DV editing.
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  3. Anon45
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  4. Originally Posted by KarMa View Post
    You can use Virtualdub for lossless DV editing.
    Not if you need to denoise, deinterlace, and crop.

    Originally Posted by LifeDream777 View Post
    Open your video in VirtualDub, add and adjust the filters you need, select a compression coded (or not), save the result.
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  5. First you want to edit. Cut unwanted footage, maybe join some files, and save the finished product.
    You can do that in virtualdub by using direct stream copy mode for audio and video. Select a part you want to cut, hit the del key, check for direct stream copy, from the menu select save as avi.
    To join files, just open the first file, then from the menu select append avi, select the second file, save as avi.

    You might want to look at the guides here

    But you can also denoise deinterlace and crop in one step with an avisynth script opened in megui or virtualdub
    AVISource("C:\path\to\your avi.avi", audio=false).AssumeFPS(30000,1001)  #source, no audio, fps 29.970
    QTGMC(Preset="Slower", EZDenoise=1, NoisePreset="Slow") # deinterlace and denoise
    crop(6, 4, -6, -4) # crop, adjust to your needs but the remaining resolution should be a multiple of 4 or 8
    QTGMC is the best deinterlacer, whatever you do you will need avisynth if you want to use it. So you might as well try to do everything in a script.

    You will also need to take the aspect ratio into account, I take care of it in x264 to keep the video anamorphic (non square pixels) but you can also resize to square pixels.

    There is no easy solution, you will need to read a lot. Even a commercial product will have a learning curve.
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