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  1. Hello,

    I have a video with 3 moving animals, and I would like to label each one of them so that it is easy to recognise their ID (maybe add "male 1", "male 2", "male 3"). But as I said, they are moving, so I basically need the label to track their movements and stay on top of each individual.

    Would any of you know what kind of software to use? FYI, I'm using a Mac (OSX Yosemite). I can't find that feature in iMovie, but maybe there is something else. Ideally something cheap (or free), as I really need it only once for a 20s video).

    Thank you!

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  2. There's going to be a learning curve no matter what you use. If it is just for once, no reason not to go ahead and use the right tool -- After Effects. You can get this done within the trial period.
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  3. Thanks! However, it does seem to be a Windows-only software

    Would anyone else have an idea?

    Thank you.
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    AE has been cross-platform (Mac + Win) for many, many years now.
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