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  1. Been having a load of problem with avidemux of late works ok for a while then suddenly it freezes .Videos load no problems but only thing that works on the controls is that wheel thing that moves cursor back and forward All the other button file menu etc are totally frozen. And can not close it either have to go to task manager to close prog.
    Dont know what the hell is causing this its driving me nuts!
    Previously managed to get it working again by cleaning registry, browser cache and using CC Cleaner, but this time its been frozen for days and can not get it to work. Tried all the usual things restart comp, reinstall prog, but no luck.

    Details avidemux 64 bit 2.6.12 ,Windows 8.1
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    Try disable OpenGL under Edit->Preferences, Display and change Video display to SDL and SDL driver to Software.
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  3. Ok thanks, actually managed to get it going again after clearing all caches, registry, etc once again and restarting comp, but its a real time consuming pain in the ass one can do without!!
    Actually those setting were already set like that, except for "Video to SDL". Now changed so hope this will cure the prob
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