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  1. Hi, I'm new to BD and DVD ripping,
    and I just bought Acrok Video Converter Ultimate.

    Mostly I'll be ripping live music BDs and DVDs that I bought (converted into ISO with UltraISO after slysoft protection removal)
    and I want to rip as the best quality, like original BD, especially audio too.

    Then what setting should I use?

    First the format... MP4? MKV?

    What about video bitrate? Options are like original, high quality, medium quality. Would Original be better than High Quality??

    Frame rate? Between 29.97 and 30... what is better??

    What about audio sample rate and bitrate..? Do I just select highest number available...??

    Anyone used to this Acrok? This looks like a decent program but there's not much tutorial/explanations in online and I'm so confused...

    Thank you for your help in advance.
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    Plenty of free alternatives available here in the SOFTWARE section.
    Acrok sounds like "a crock of sh|t" if you ask me.
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    You're only the second person I've seen mention Acrok software around here. If you are working with decrypted ISO files of your DVD's and Blu-ray, I'd use VidCoder, which is a free program. Use the High Profile in it, but change Variable Framerate to Constant Framerate. I generally use CRF encoding (Quality encoding in VidCoder) set to 18, but I don't care about output size very much, and the lower you go in the numbers on their scale, the larger the file size will be, in general.

    MP4 or MKV depends on the equipment you are going to use to playback the video. Some will only accept MP4, but I personally prefer MKV as it has proved easier to use with subtitles.

    Your Blu-ray will be 23.97fps or 24fps. Use the original frame rate whenever possible.

    If you need HD audio, it is possible to retain the original audio but it may not play in all devices. Most people will convert to AAC 128kbps or higher if encoding for portable devices. Again, this value varies, depending on what equipment you are using for playback.
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