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  1. I'm an intermediate programmer at best having used most languages but master of none. I usually turn to vba when I want to write something as I its quick and basically handles what I need.

    I coach a local HS volleyball team and would like to easily edit game video.

    There are several high end packages available but the cost is prohibitive for the volunteer hobby.

    Most packages handle the game breakdown in 3 steps:

    1) Cut game video into game points. End up with 200 small clips.
    2) Each clip is analyzed by a coach to produce a info file containing play facts (lost/won/rotation/error/player touch - 50 details) per clip.
    3) A final Query screen where the coach/players can filter what they want to see eg, All clips of won points by rotation 3...

    I dusted off vba and quickly had WMP and VLC controlled within VBA. The other features are basic a ton of buttons to set attributes and build text files to query etc. I'm thinking of not creating all the small clips and just using something like a "Play EDL" . Maybe even integrating into MS Access since it is just a database app sorta.

    Its all like a simple custom database which doesn't seem to tough.

    My question is to the real programmers, will vba be my best choice or should I use another language?

    Also, although embedding WMP or VLC was easy the frameinfo and 1/4 speed 1/2 speed abilities etc. wasn't apparent. Do I just have to dig deeper in the docs for those functions or use another embedded player with better functions? ffmpeg looks like it will require some looking into also.

    Thanks guys/gals, I've posted this question in a few programming forums but the video aspect may be better received here.

    Thanks ahead.
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  2. Rather than reinvent the wheel, why not just use something excel with links to the clips embedded?
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  3. I'd like to make a simple app to let other coaches use. The whole app is a little more extensive than excel integration.

    An example application is VidSwap.
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