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  1. I've loaded an HDTV .ts recording into MeGUI using a simple avs DirectShowSource script to resize and lower the bitrate of the video.

    The .ts includes subtitles and MeGUI is producing a video file with the subtitles hard-coded. And not on every conversion.

    Is it something to do with ffdshow subtitle settings? I thought these just controlled the display of subs in media players etc. It's peculiar because i've been doing this occasionally for years and it's just started happening.

    Can anyone tell me what's likely happening please?
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    Because ffdshow is a DirectShow filter, it works every time you use DirectShow. It doesn't matter whether the output goes to a media player window or to a converter. That's one of the reasons why some people (like me) keep preaching to avoid DirectShowSource unless all other methods already failed: The risk of unexpected filters or filter features messing the video source is a lot higher than for native AviSynth source filters. L-SMASH Source, in comparison, will give you the plain decoded video only, and certainly without any unexpected postprocessing or overlays.

    It is indeed possible that your available DirectShow filters don't overlay subtitles in every case. There may be no subtitle stream at all, or not in your preferred language, or there may be other constraints disabling their display... You will have to know ffdshow's settings by heart to be certain how it behaves.
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  3. By default, when ffdshow's subtitle filter is enabled and you open a video file, ffdshow will look for a subtitles file in the same folder with the same file name and if it finds one, it'll load it. The same would apply to using a script as the video source. That's about the only way I could imagine it happening. If you're opening the video with a script I don't think it can automatically load subtitle files muxed inside the file containing the source video. They'd have to be standalone subtitle files. Disabling ffdshow's subtitle filter should prevent it.
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  4. Thanks - i supposed i guessed the problem but confirmatiion is useful. If i ever do want to hard-code subtitles, i know a nice easy way to do it
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