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  1. When I tried to open the .ai file in Adobe Illustrator 10, it displayed an error which states, " Adobe Illustrator file format is having difficulties "
    What should I do for the problem?
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  2. Illustrator 10 is from 2001. It is very likely your file was made on a newer version.
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  3. If you want to zip it up and upload it to a free hosting site, I can convert it to an older illustrator format for you . But you might lose some features and formatting due to the conversion to an older .ai version. But I won't spend the time fixing or editing it for you. PM me with the link if you don't want it public
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  4. There may be a TMP file in the same folder, you can try renaming it to AI and see if this opens. Helped me on a couple of occasions but also has not worked in the past. If it useless, there is a good program: Illustrator Fix Toolbox
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