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  1. I'm looking at buying a new PC that I'll use in large part to rip my DVD/BluRay collection. As such I'm trying to understand what's important when ripping a disc, is it the GPU, or CPU speed, memory, disk read/write speed? Obviously I'm sure each of the aforementioned plays some part, however I'm trying to follow what resources are being used when ripping a disc.
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    Just ripping doesn't require much. Just a fast blu-ray drive and a HUGE hdd for blu-ray rips.

    But do you want to shrink/reconvert your video?
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  3. @Baldrick

    Yeah you make good point, it's not the ripping that will be intensive it's the encoding. I'll be using Handbrake to encode to MP4.
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    CPU speed and number of cores are the most important hardware considerations when converting with Handbrake. The X264 encoder is fairly well optimized for multithreaded operations, so get a quad core cpu at least.
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    I have a couple of Pioneer BDR-209's which are the fastest I've tried for ripping my BDs to a hard drive for backup.
    It's too hard on the drives to convert directly. I use AnyDVD HD running in the background for decryption.

    I use 1.5TB WD hard drives. For converting to MKV/AC3 video, I have a AMD FX-8350 8 Core CPU 4.2Ghz CPU.
    This information is in my Computer Details.

    Most times I use RipBot for the MKV conversions, sometimes Vidcoder. Both can batch convert from the HDD files.
    It takes about 2 hours or a bit more for each conversion, but I like the quality.
    I convert to a 8GB MKV for convenience for secondary backup to BD data discs. Primary backup is to my video server for playback.

    For DVD conversions, also to MKV/AC3, I just use VidCoder and batch them. Takes about 20 minutes for this conversion.
    I use CQ settings of 18.5 and constant framerate. Video filters of Detelecine and Decomb. Most everything else at default.
    I end up with file sizes of 1GB to about 3GB, depending on the source DVD.

    In my system, the GPU doesn't have much to do with the conversions. RAM either. I use about 2 - 3 GB RAM for encoding MKV,
    but it does use all 8 cores at close to 100%.

    If you are considering building a PC or having one built, this is a link to the build of the one in my Computer Details:
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