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    Hi Friends,
    Aside from Netflix and the newly created The Weather Network live stream i don't really find myself using it much due to lack of streaming channels available in Canada. Youtube occasionally has a few live streams (#live) other than that i'm missing CP24 in the mornings in the background. Crave TV and Shomi might eventually happen but no ETA for ROKU (that i could find). I've setup Plex for CBC but live streaming never works for me. There's a GlobalTV channel i paid to try for a month - i'm not sure if it's legit or not but it's work for two weeks and i might renew for a 2nd month. $$ isn't the issue its lack of subscription channels. There was an Ad of Kijiji somebody is offering wowtv server/app for a bunch of channels but i don't want a bunch of channels and $20/mth is way to much with zero information.


    Anybody know of any private channels worth checking out for Canadians?

    PM me if you want.

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    Check Plex unsupported apps store. Lots of stuff there, including live streams same as Kodi. It's easy to add the bundles, just open the bundles folder in Plex on your computer and drop them in. Reboot Plex and the apps will show under channels. This also works with DLNA and WDTV which can access the Plex server.
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