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  1. Don't know if this is the right place for this question but I need serious help! I'm not a video editing wiz so please go easy on me!
    I'm trying to do a few things here.
    I'm trying to pull video from Avid from work so I can re-edit on final cut pro at home.
    Eventually I want to up load onto youtube and make dvds.
    Right now exporting from Avid is a nightmare. Video sometimes works, sometimes there is no audio. And sometimes when it does work and we transfer, I go to up load on youtube and it says for a 1 minute and 30 second clip it's going to take 100+ minutes! I've tried multiple formats, I don't know if I should compress differently, what the best file size, shape, format, compression is for the best quality that will work the best in every system. PLEASE HELP!.

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  2. A lot depends on the format and codec of your source clips.
    How it was ingested into avid.
    Which version of avid you're using
    whether you're trying to export edited shows or source clips
    whether you're trying to bring a timeline over (almost impossible)
    whether you're using FCP7 or FCPX

    A simple method, though not necessarily the best depending on the above, is to do an AMA Export.
    Highlight the clips and or sequences you want to export
    In Avid 8.5 it's under File/Output/, or earlier versions under File/Export (IIRC)
    Choose AMA File Export, choose a target drive and folder, choose mxf OP-1a choose a DNxHD bit rate( 145 or 120 is good for HD)

    There may be easier ways to do it depending on the information listed above.
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  3. Originally Posted by MollyO17 View Post
    Don't know if this is the right place for this question
    Did you try posting in the Avid user forum?
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  4. I have no idea what any of that stuff means but I'll go in and look. I gave up trying to bring it into final cut and decided to just do it all on Avid. The video is coming in as all different kinds of sources. Some is from Hard Drives as MXF files, Some are MPG files. Some were recorded through a studio directly into a server. I think the type of Avid we have is called Media Composer? I'll check today.
    I don't even think we have that many options to export.
    It's very limited. Do you think someone would be able to help me if I posted the export options? I tried mxf OP-1a and again I didn't have sound.
    I'm looking to take a about an 8-10 minute file, compress it and put it on youtube. Eventualy I'd like to embed it into a website, but step one first! When I tried AVI the file was too big (wrong compression?) and mxf OP-1a no audio. HELP!

    Thank you everyone!
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  5. Originally Posted by MollyO17 View Post
    I tried mxf OP-1a and again I didn't have sound
    The most common cause of this is not choosing audio in your export options or not selecting your tracks properly.
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  6. Thanks for the help. I have tried every audio combo selection in the export settings.
    I don't have an AMA options, There is an AAF and an AFE. I believe we are working with media composer.
    Then there is AVI, Quick Time reference, QT Movie, mxf OP-1a, HDV and DV Stream.

    Thank you.
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  7. Oh I found the AMA export! Awesome. Except it says, "please go to the format tab in the project window and set the Raster Type to the full raster size before performing an AMA export" I have no idea what that means and I can't find that option. ugh.
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