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  1. Hi all
    For many years I am using fcp 7 as a primary nle for movie editing. But after introducing new macpro and new OS the old fcp7.3 is crashing over and over. Rendering time is also not impressive.
    In fcp 7 we used to generate edit proxys ( prores422 720x576 with source TC burnin on them) with third-party software line redcine express or resove lite. Edit, and export edl reel by reel with an offline reference video for corresponding each reels. The conformist recreates my edit from that edl with original media replacing the edit proxy files.
    Is it possible to follow such workflow in fcpx. Fcpx has no edl, Our conformist said me that fcpxxml is not supported in bselight. And davinchi resolve dose not import mix frame rate XML.
    Is anybody have any idea about the fcpx offline workflow with large-scale media and mix frame rate edit?

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  2. I would talk to your conformist about suitable options. Surely he or she has dealt with this before and knows what is needed.
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  3. Thanks but our conformist has no idea about fcpx. Fcpx is new in our city and people are confused about workflow. Plz help.

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