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    I have a mac , 10.10.5

    I have mkvtoolnix 8.9.0 the gui . it launches fine

    I wish to do mkvmerge in a script.
    I wish to do mkvmerge via cli is that possible?

    how might i run mkvmerge in a terminal ? I was hoping that since i have the gui that I *also* have the command line tool

    thanks in advance

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  2. There are some readme files in the .dmg , including one with specific instructions for mac osx. The command line tools should be in /Applications/ . To use them you can copy the binaries you need or add the MKV toolnix directory to your path. Keep in mind that if you copy the binaries you will have to do so at each new version. And if you add the directory to your path you will have to repeat that as well if the directory name changed.

    MKVToolNix Mac OS specific notes

    Configuration files are stored in ~/.config/ and temporary
    files are stored in the folder automatically set via TMPDIR.

    This build works only with Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.

    If you need the command line tools then copy mkvextract, mkvinfo,
    mkvmerge and mkvproedit from ./MKVToolNix-8.9.0/Contents/MacOS/
    to /usr/local/bin
    The other option, 2 commands in a terminal. Check the name of the directory first.
    export PATH=/Applications/$PATH
    echo 'export PATH=/Applications/$PATH' >> ~/.profile
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    many thanks

    I figured it was something like that

    ... I was borking the $PATH

    it is working now

    again, thank you for the help

    best wishes
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