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  1. Hello, dear all.

    I really like and use 4K Video Downloader to download Youtube videos and some other video sites.

    But, the latest version ( ) and even the previous one doesn't work properly.

    I get error message. The program can't download the video from Youtube, for example.

    How to fix that?

    How to make the program work nice again?


    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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  2. Hello, dear all. I could find some tips.

    If someone have more advices, it will be nice.


    Do this to get it working 100%

    - Get latest version
    - Reboot
    - Install
    - Put your Firewall OFF, completely!
    - Put 'Smart mode' ON
    - Change download map in 'Smart mode' to a map somewhere on your 'C' disk so no user subdirectory or anything
    - Put MP4 format on and quality on normal
    - Remove HTTPS in your link that you are planning to copy
    - Be sure the map you want to copy from YouTube is standing 'Public' and NOT 'Private'

    That's it.

    After all these steps it just have to work, if it doesn't I have no options anymore.

    Guys, please find below the troubleshooting actions if you can't download or parse link!
    - Firstly, please check your firewall or antivirus settings, try to switch off it completely and download something.
    - Try to change the output folder in Smart Mode settings or just after the parsing.
    - Check if you can play this video in your region in browser, otherwise use proxy settings in the app.
    - Try in another Wi-Fi Network in case of YouTube IP ban.

    I faced the same problem. Videos or playlists wont parse.. My problem got solved. I had speedbit video accelerator installed. That was preventing 4k downloader from parsing.

    1. Exit video accelerator
    2. Exit 4k downloader
    3. Start Task manager and go to processes and exit 4kdownloader process tree
    4. Restart 4k downloader and paste the link

    Hope this works for atleast some people.

    I had good luck by just removing the
    from the youtube URL

    Hey Guys, here are few advices:

    1. Please check your firewall and antivirus settings, it can block the download and parsing sometimes.
    2. Reboot your computer and start again.
    3. Set up Intensity on Safe mode in Preferences to be protected from YouTube IP ban.


    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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