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  1. This software is way over my head. I would like to know how to convert, author or render an AVI movie file and burn it to DVD. Can u point me towards a simple to understand tutorial that will help. The software instructions and tutorials direct me to tabs or drop downs ETC that I can't find.
    Another problem is when adding an MKV or AVI file I get error telling me that "the selected file is not of the required type"

    Thanks for your time. Frank
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    Wrong program.

    This software expects dvd-compliant video/audio. It does not re-encode from other formats.

    Use another program such as avstodvd to create your compliant mpeg2. Or just use this to create your dvds.

    It is a good program but takes some learning. The user-guide is quite good in my opinion.

    BTW This is in the wrong forum
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  3. thanks DB83 for the suggestion.
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