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    I have a couple of AC3 file songs which i would like hear on my Blu ray player. Now Blu ray player does not reads ac3 files as they are encoded.

    I would like to know how to convert ac3 files to MKV without loosing audio quality and retaining 5.1 channel streams audio.
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    And your player supports mkv?

    You could try use mkvtoolnixgui, add the ac3 file(right click and add file) and make a .mka(start muxing) and see if it plays on your blu-ray player.

    You could also try use tsmuxergui, add the ac3 file and output a ts or m2ts and try play it in your player.

    Because a blu-ray player should support ac3 audio. Maybe not as a single ac3 file.
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    How about trying AudioMuxer.
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  4. Code:
    @if not exist %cd%\mkv (mkdir %cd%\mkv)
    @for %%1 in (*.*) do (ffmpeg.exe -y -i "%%1" -c copy -f matroska "%cd%\mkv\%%~n1.mkv")
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