I've had quite a day; power out since 2AM as we got plastered with a foot of snow overnight- no phones, no heat, no coffee, no plowed road...

So just now I'm 're-establishing my online presence' and find I got an email:

Your subscription to Norton 360 was renewed on February 24, 2016 and your subscription extension is being processed.
Your credit card listed below was automatically charged USD 95.39 on February 24, 2016 for another year of protection.

Well, I never signed up for auto-renewal *; I always wipe the old version and install clean from a new copy and never ever paid that much by half- always found a big box deal somewhere for half that or better.

I got onto chat and somewhat curtly explained it was far beyond what I was willing to pay for 2 obsolete laptops, and that they may have pushed my card under minimum balance because I'd just paid my taxes... and guess what? Instant half price offer.

Yet another note to self: Check for any subscription deals on software if they have your card...

*check your fine print EULA