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  1. I have never edited a video before. I wanted an app that didn't require hundreds of
    hours to master. I know vReveal is no longer supported, but that doesn't matter if
    you're a newbie.

    After reading this review it seemed like vReveal was the video editor for me:

    I downloaded vReveal_v3.2.0.13029 from MajorGeeks.

    The first video I selected to open was an AVI. A dialog box appeared stating that vReveal
    could not open the file. Even worse, I had to kill vReveal with the Task Manager because
    the dialog box was stuck!

    I have five video players. This AVI video runs normally in all five players. Some video
    players have trouble with long filenames. The AVI I selected has a very short name.

    vReveal must be packed with all the needed codecs for common video formats like MP4
    and AVI. I hope there is a simple fix for this problem. If not, I'll use my uninstaller app
    to completely remove vReveal.

    I've been building and using computers for several decades. It's very depressing that
    my first attempt at video editing failed because vReveal couldn't open a common AVI
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Have you tried install any codecs? Like ffdshow or Lav Filters. Try avoid HUGE codec packs.

    Or if it's an avi with with the xvid/divx video codec(check the avi with mediainfo). Then try install just the xvid codec.

    Or use Windows live movie maker or NCH VideoPad Editor (free version).
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  3. I'm afraid to go down this road to oblivion. To a video newbie like me, a codec is like a
    driver for hardware. Without native or third party drivers your computer will not recognize
    printers, flash drives, etc. I've installed thousands of drivers, but never a codec pack.

    Frankly, I'm very puzzled. I played this AVI video with VLC, GOM, KMPlayer, MPC-HC, and
    UMPlayer. The advanced media player that is part of vReveal must contain all the codecs
    needed for an AVI video. Don't you think so?

    I'm sure you're an expert on codecs Baldrick, so I'll follow your advice. I'll download MediaInfo
    and post the results in this thread. If codec packs do not come with an installer, I'll need your
    help adding more codecs to my system.
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  4. Please see the attached screenshots from MediaInfo.

    Tell me which codec pack I should download to resolve the problem with vReveal. If the
    codec pack does not come with an installer, I need to know where in my system I should
    extract the files.

    If all these details from MediaInfo does not provide a solution for the problem I'm having
    with vReveal, I'll uninstall the app.

    Thank you Baldrick.
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  5. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Can you play it in WIndows Media Player?

    But try install the xvid codec. Or ffdsshow(easy to uninstall) or Lav-filters (also easy to uninstall).
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  6. These reviews at CNET about XviD Codec are scary! Third party software is installed without asking

    The CNET reviews for Ffdshow are very good, so I'm going to try this app.

    Baldrick, I have several operating systems. I can play this AVI video in old systems like 98SE or any
    Linux distros.

    I'll return to this thread after installing Ffdshow.

    Thanks again for helping video newbies.
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  7. I had the problem the same as that of box-turtle, I solved it by installing Xvid. I downloaded it from the link Baldrick reported above.

    Avevo lo stesso problema di box-turtle, l'ho risolto installando Xvid che ho scaricato dal link che Baldrick ha riportato sopra. Grazie Baldrick
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