Hi guys,
i have some streams that have a token , when i get it and i play it it could go on forever (the stream) but if i close it and then try to reaccess it it wont work because that token has expired and the server needs a newer one...the link of the stream i want is this http://yayin7.canlitvlive.net/startv/live.m3u8?tkn=nh2jmoqR_HlDL_Y4GVK8SQ&tms=1456202874
its from this site http://www.canlitvlive.net/izle/star-tv.html
How can i tell kodi to go to that web page, get the token assemble the url and then play the stream through iptv simple client and through the m3u list.
if someone could explain to me step by step that would be great because im new to kodi and iptv.

Thanks in advance