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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been trying to add a dts audio track to a m2ts file that has 4 existing tracks (1 video, 2x audio, 1x ig). The problem Is that any tool I can find to mux the dts audio with this m2ts file (e.g. tsmuxer) doesn't recognise the ig track and so I end up with a muxed track without the ig track. Does anyone know whether this is possible?

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    That M2TS file is likely taken from an authored BD or AVCHD disc. Note: AUTHORED.*
    The muxers used for authoring are capable of this, no others that I know of. And they aren't capable of muxing execpt as an element of intended BD/AVCHD output.
    So, Re-author, remux, and re-extract?


    *This is much like DVD, where MPEG2 DVD VOB muxers are capable of including LPCM audio and multi-angle video, whereas standard MPEG2 muxers cannot.
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  3. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, the m2ts has been taken from an authored BD
    Unfortunately, re-authoring with the original software is not an option and as I recall it wouldn't handle dts audio anyway.

    I have saved the ig track to a .mnu file using BDedit, which I can then load into the free version of BD Fix and remux with the m2ts file (output from tsmuxer to include the DTS audio track) to produce a new BDMV structure. However, it appears that the limitations of the free version of BD Fix means that the output m2ts file does not contain the entire ig stream

    It appears that there could be a way of doing this using existing software without having to re-author. The problem is that the versions of BD Fix that could achieve this are not free
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