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  1. So every time I record a show through PlayOn I experience at least one instance of a stuck frame. What I mean to say is that the audio continues on and the video freezes. Usually a couple seconds later the the audio and video resynchronize but its really distracting and totally unacceptable for a premium service. I've gone back and forth with PlayOn support with little to no improvement. Lowering the quality doesn't appear to fix matters so I'm unsure what the problem could be. I'm running Verizon FIOs 75mbps so speed should not be a problem. Is anyone currently using the service experiencing a similar problem?

    I'm running Windows 10, on an i7-4790k, 8gb of RAM, 2TB HDD.
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    Record a show from a live streaming source? all services or problem with just one?
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  3. Just about any show. I've tried Cbs and the CW probably a few others I've since forgotten. Different shows. Different days. Different computers. Inevitably 9/10 times I have at least one instance of this.
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