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  1. When capturing 576i via S-Video on my Elgato Game Capture HD I'm getting some side borders added on widescreen videos. I'm also getting 8 pixels of flicker added to the top and 4 pixels of flicker added to the bottom of the video. I don't get those issues when capturing via HDMI but my Sky box will only output 576p via HDMI and I want 576i.

    I know a Lumagen video processor can force 576i output but it costs like 1,500. I'm looking for a cheap video processor to do the same thing. Any suggestions please?
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  2. It may be your source limitation - 576i is optional mode for HDMI, it require special method (pixel repetition)and in real life is 1440x576i .
    As a rule HDMI Source (your SAT decoder) and HDMI Sink (you TV, capture card etc) during "handshake" negotiate which modes are supported by both sides - this handshake is performed thanks to EDID (E-EDID) technology present in DVI/HDMI.
    Not supported modes (either by Sink or by Source) are not used. It may be situation where Source doesn't support 576i, it may be that Sink doesn't support 576i.
    If Source is capable but this is Sink limitation you may try to add (E-EDID) 576i mode but as i said at beginning - it may be a software limitation present at your HDMI Source - for example company (where i work) explicitly request to remove support for 576i on HDMI.

    In real life this can be sometimes solve by such thing "HDMI EDID Emulator" some of them are moderately inexpensive few tens Euros - you may use very cheap special EEPROM device - they are inexpensive - so called VESA E-EDID Serial EEPROM - or perhaps something like this
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