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  1. I have an application for generating AVI files of computer animations. These AVIs are either uncompressed or compressed with a variety of standard compressors. In other words, not DivX files. This generator always creates files at 10fps. Is there any tool to edit the header in an AVI file to change the fps field to something more typical like 29.97?

    Currently I import these files into Video Factory and render NTSC compatible MPEGs using resampling and motion blur with a time window of 100ms. Alternatively, I shorten the length to 1/3 time, but I still have to use resample and a short motion blur to keep things smooth. I'm thinking if I can edit the header then I can eliminate a lot of the processing and achieve a clearer image.

    I've looked at the Tools section on the left, but could find no description that would indicate it does what I'm looking for. Thanks.
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  2. Maybe Avi Info is the tool to use?`

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