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    Like Me, lots of people still have a HDV camcorder, and a set top box with a Firewire port. But...My 17" Macbook Pro was the last laptop I owned with a Firewire port. Apple part number (s) MD464ZM/A MD464LL/A (search for both on eBay) allow one to capture video through the Thunderbolt port. I tested it on my Set Top Box and it works fine with the resulting m2t file. I was NOT able to play the M2T file with VLC, but I was able to convert it to mp4 and Matroska with HandBrake; complete with subtitles and Closed Captioning.
    I don't know if this adapter will work on a Windows machine or not. I haven't seen any TB to Firewire adapters on the PC side. I haven't tried to capture any video from my Canon HDV camcorder yet.
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